Sunday, December 5, 2010


today my bestfriend convocation day!!!! congrats nina!!!good girl=)..
ninaaa..this is my present..sorry for not being there babe..huhu

talking abaout convocation is a great day rite??..finally after three years, we got our degree...phuh...hilang penat lelah..hee..we got flowers, bears, chocolates and even present from our family..we felt proud, happy and mcm2 lg r...we wear our jubah..In my case, i wore purple jubah, it is for students under FST (Faculty of Science and Technology) UKM.So, this is my picture during my convocation day=)


  1. ish..
    asek gamba i jek yg ad...
    malu ler~~=p

  2. haha..niat sbnr bkn nk tunjuk gmbr ika=p