Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Art of Public Speaking~~~

The Art of Public Speaking!!!! this subject is so much fun. The trainers are En Hisham Ab Karim and Ms Shadwan Hanani. En Hisham started this class by interviewing most of the students. He could guess our personality!!! amazing!! He also very funny. I can say we laugh all the time. hee. After the slot by En Hisyam, we got some activities conducted by Ms Nani. First of all, we had to draw something that first came out of our mind. I drew plane. Why I drew this??? It is because this is the first thing i can think of when i got the paper. Then Ms Nani asked 10 persons who had finished drawing to go to the front. I didn't go this time..huhu..So, for this 10 luckiest people, they got to present their drawing in 5 minutes. Actually they had to talk about how the drawing will represent themselves. It is quite fun actually because spontaneously they had to think and talk. Then, the second activity was, in group, we got 1 item, which was in my case, our group got poncho (raincoat) and we had to promote and convince people about our product. I love this slot very much. In my group we did sort of acting which we compared the benefits of using poncho and umbrella. hee..It is very very fun looking to the idea of every group to promote their thing. This class is so much fun and i think we got a lot of knowledge about public speaking.

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