Sunday, January 2, 2011

Communication Class

Communication Class!!!
Last week was the end of our communication class. During this communication class, we learn mostly about communication skills and soft skills. We learn about leadership, public speaking, how to negotiate and other skills that needed in working life. And not to forget, we had grooming session. This was the time that we had taught how to dress up properly and appropriately for work. All the lessons that we learn in the whole month of communication class had to be apply in our final presentation. This final presentation is about presenting our proposal in effort to get 30 million fund for our research. The day before our final presentation, we got our public speaking day. We had to give talk individually in front of our class. we had given 3 minutes to talk. This is very precious experience cause its gave me confidence and made me believe in myself. In this session, 15 best speakers were chosen and they got gift from Mr. Hisyam. I'm not one of them but next time i will try my best and give my very best. For the final presentation, my group  which is McBio group, had agreed to wear business suit. So on that day, we all wearing black business suit and give our best in presenting our proposal. Of course we were very nervous but luckily with all knowledge that we had learn before made us confident and trying very hard to give the best. Thus, for me, this class was very interesting class with a lot of new informations and knowledge that we will need it for our future in order to be the successful person in life.

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